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Kids, Vacation & Sleep

Kids hate to miss the party.

When they’re teenagers it’s called FOMO (fear of missing out).

When they’re toddlers it’s called TNR (total nap resistance).

Even though my kids have a regular daily routine at home, when we travel the schedule kind of gets thrown out the window.

{{Well, before I go any further, I have to say... when my kids were under 2 years old I really wasn’t that flexible with their sleep schedules even when we traveled. I am a sleep consultant for goodness sake! I was the mom who always prioritized sleep over everything else. I made arrangements for my kids to have naps at their normal times. It may have been in the pack n play or the car or in the stroller on the beach but they always got their naps. And their bedtimes remained in tact. That meant babysitters in hotels and calling in favors from grandparents. But, my kids are always the happiest when they’re well-rested.}}

Back to today and my most recent trip to a family reunion... Now that my kids are older, they can be a little more flexible with their sleep schedules without experiencing meltdown central. This means a short (or skipped – yikes!) nap for the 2.5 year old and later bed times for both kiddos.

Day #1 of total nap resistance did not make for a very enjoyable evening for anyone. Picture whining, hanging on my leg, begging to be held constantly, refusing to eat, crying at the drop of the hat, etc. So, clearly no nap wasn’t going to be an option for the youngest of my clan.

Day #2 I decided to use any possible tools to force the nap so that I would have a happy camper in the evening. That’s when it dawned on me! Who can resist a good boat nap?

And by Day #3 I even had the older one in on it :)

The moral of the story is... do whatever you can to get your kids the sleep you know that they need even when you’re traveling. It will make for a happier trip for everyone.

When you get home, put them down for bed early for a few nights to let them catch up on some of the sleep that they missed and then everyone should be good to go!

Happy travels!


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