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Quick tool to make bedtime FUN!

For the last week, my brain has kind of been spiraling out of control. My kids are slowly turning into zombies from too much screen time. And I’m pretty sure snacking has replaced all actual meals at this point.

But, in our house, the homeschooling adventure begins next week. 😬

Which means I have to get my act together! I don’t have it all figured out yet but we’re going to have a daily schedule with time blocks for learning, time for play, quiet time, family time, etc.

Honestly, it’s the lack of daily structure that’s making us ALL feel out of control right now.

Our usual routines are thrown out the window.

Now, more than ever, our kids need us to provide structure for their day.

Kids need to know what comes next, what to expect and that someone is in charge. Structure makes kids feel safe. The faster we can all get into some kind of predictable routine, the more calm, centered and in control we’re all going to feel.

Now, I’m not a homeschooling expert, but I AM a certified sleep expert –which means I can help you improve your bedtime routine to make it quick, painless…. and maybe even FUN!

Use a Visual Guide to keep bedtime on track.

Kids LOVE this!

  • Grab a sheet of paper and write out each steps in your kid's ideal bedtime routine.

Brush teeth


Turn off lights

Turn on sound machine

Read book 1

Read book 2

Sing song 1

Last sip of water

Get in bed

Sign sing 2

Josh goes to sleep

  • Then draw icons next to each step so your child can easily follow along. Have them help you decorate it if they want!

  • Tape it to the wall in their room.

  • Have them walk you through it at night.

  • Reward them with a little surprise in the morning if they stick to the steps. And praise the heck out of them!

Here are some fun examples that other moms have used.

Sometime is just takes adding a little structure and fun to turn an out of control process into something everyone actually enjoys!


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