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Stop your kids waking up too early after the time change.

If you’re like me, this week is feeling a little rough.

We had an extra hour shoved into Sunday and everything feels "off."

It feels like the sun is going down in the middle of the afternoon, right??

I feel exhausted and totally lethargic by the evening.

I find it hard to stop myself from yawning before 9pm.

The Fall time change is always a struggle for my body to deal with.

But the worst is the toll it takes on our kids.

They are so much more sensitive to their sleep needs than adults are, and changes like this can really throw their schedules out of whack.

The sun is popping up an hour earlier now, too.

So, you may have a child who is waking you up SUPER early in the morning.

Have you been seeing 5:00 or 5:30 the last couple mornings?

How you already googled “How do I stop my child from waking at 5am?”

Ugh, that’s the WORST!

For you AND them.

kids waking up too early

The good news is that the solution isn’t too difficult at all.

Adjust your kiddo’s bedtime :30 earlier.

Yes, earlier.


I know, I know. It sounds like I’m confused.

But, the solution to kids waking up too early in the morning is to put them to bed earlier at night.

Kids waking up too early is caused by their overall sleep needs not being met.

I like to say “It’s not logical, it’s biological.”

So, do a temporary :30 early bedtime for 2 days and then split the difference for a couple days.

Once your kiddo starts sleeping until a more humane hour, you can start to move bedtime back to normal.

By the way, this tip is for you, too, mama!

Put yourself to bed early for a few nights to help your body adjust.

But, remember, be patient.

The adjustment takes a few days. Everyone should be back on their normal schedules by the


kids waking up too early

Sleep Tight!


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