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Awesome Little Sleep Packages

Your kids should be sleeping from at least 8:00pm - 6:00am every night.

If they're not, let me help you make this a reality!

1-on-1 Consultation, Custom Written Sleep Plan and Daily Support are included in all packages.


Drowsy Mommy


  • Best for kids who are good sleepers but have a couple issues to fix

  • One (1) week daily support




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Sleepy Mommy


  • Usually best for kids over the age of 2

  • Two (2) weeks daily support



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Perfect if you need some

quick advice from a pro

but don't need daily help.


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  • 1-Hour Phone Consultation       OR                                Customized Written Sleep Plan

  • No daily support


Exhausted Mommy


  • Usually best for kids under 18 months old

  • Three (3) weeks daily support




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Returning clients can purchase extra support days as needed

$20/day; $125/week

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Packages can be customized upon request and for expecting parents, moms groups, corporate seminars, etc. Contact me for details.


Additional Details...

- Sleep Questionnaire: client completes a thorough Intake Form providing details on your child, current sleep habits, goals, preferences, parenting style, etc.


- Sleep Meeting: in-home visit (south Tampa only) or virtual meeting with Jessica for up to 60-minutes to discuss strategies for reaching your child's sleep goals.


- Customized Sleep Plan: customized written sleep plan detailing strategies for how to achieve sleep success and tackles all the "what if's" that can happen along the way. Customized to your family based on your Sleep Questionnaire and Sleep Meeting.


- Support: Support includes 1-2 daily email replies or a phone call. Daily support also includes review of a daily sleep log if applicable.  Support days begin at the start of the sleep plan.


- Families with multiples (twins, triplets) please add $50 per child.


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