Sleep Tight Without a Fight

Learn the proven framework to solve your strong-willed toddler's sleep challenges

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Are you ready to get your toddler happily in bed by 8pm and then not see or hear from her until the morning?

If this sounds like a fantasy, let me tell you... it's not!

I'll show you how to transform your toddler's sleep - even the most stubborn ones!

You will be truly amazed at what your child can accomplish when you have the right plan.

I teach moms this life-changing framework every day in my 1-on-1 coaching practice.

But I want to share it with more moms!

I want to bring sleep to your family!

Welcome to "Sleep Tight without a Fight"

a 2-Week Group Masterclass

that will help you confidently

solve your toddler's sleep troubles



If the tips & tricks aren't working and you're still panic Googling....

It might be time for some real help, guidance & support - don't you think?

In "Sleep Tight Without a Fight" -

a 2-week Group Masterclass

You'll learn the exact same strategies

and methods that I teach my 1-on-1 clients

PLUS have ongoing

support in a private Facebook group.

What do I Get in this Group Program?

One-Evening LIVE Kick Off Event

We will gather virtually for a LIVE 90-Minute Comprehensive Training Class & Q&A.


Here you’ll learn everything you need to turn your kiddo into an awesome sleeper.

-  Sleep schedules to optimize sleep

-  How to have a quick, easy & fun bedtime routine

-  Proven strategies for getting your kiddo to sleep ALL night in their room without middle of the night drama or co-sleeping

How to choose the right strategy for your unique family

-  How to use rewards that actually WORK to motivate your kiddo and keep the whole process positive and fun

-  Includes worksheets & guides


This is a limited size group and topics will be customized to YOUR needs!

(potty issues, fear of the dark, room sharing, nap issues – whatever you’re dealing with!)


LIVE Kick Off Event: Wednesday 10/7 at 8:00pm Eastern (replay also available)


Private Facebook Group with Weekly LIVE Q&A at least 2X per Week

This isn’t a program where I’ll just tell you what to do and send you on your way.

Nope. We will work through the process together.

I want you to be successful.

You will run into questions and I’ll be there to answer them.  


Inside our private Facebook Group for 2 weeks, you will have:

-  At least 2 LIVE Q&As with Jessica each week. I’ll do as many as the group needs!

-  Daily support, engagement and guidance from Jessica so you don’t get derailed

-  The support of a small group of other moms on the same journey

-  Think of this as your new favorite Moms Group - ready to support each other, share what we learn and celebrate each others victories on this sleep journey.

-  Program dates: 10/7 - 10/21

This 2-week Group Masterclass is only $187

Y'all! 1-on-1 coaching costs OVER 2X as much $$

This will be a limited size group

so you can achieve the same results.

Happy surprised toddler with her mouth o

Are You Ready to Sleep Tight Without a Fight?

ONLY $187

This is Perfect for You if...

... you feel like you have tried everything already

... you are tired of turning into Mean Mommy at night

... you have been thinking "maybe this is just a phase" for over 4 weeks

... you think you have the world's most stubborn toddler

... you want YOUR evenings back!

... you are tired of being held prisoner in your kids' room

... you feel like you can't give your best as a mom because you're exhausted

This May Not Be Right for You if...

... you have a co-sleeping family by choice - this class teaches sleep independence

... you cannot achieve a consistent daily sleep schedule

... you have a child under 2.5 years old

... you are unable to be consistent with a new plan

... you don't like kid-free time

... you like panic Googling at 2am :)

ONLY $187

She is truly a life-saver!

Jessica helped me with our *ahem* strong-willed little negotiator and our bedtime struggles.

-Sarah T. , Atlanta, GA

After one week with Jessica, we've seen AMAZING results!

He has slept through the night EVERY single night...going right to sleep without waking up at all throughout the night... We wanted to thank you again for giving us the tools/techniques/confidence we needed to help Emerson become the good sleeper we've always known he was!

-Heather B. , Pittsburgh, PA

I was reaching the end of my rope.

We had been completely sleep deprived to the point of being anxious & depressed about bedtime. Liam is now falling asleep within 10 minutes of being put down! He is much more active and aware during the day. Our lives have greatly improved from your program.

-Erica B. , Venice, FL


- 90-Minute LIVE Training with Q&A

@ 10/7 at 8:00 Eastern (replay available)

- Private Facebook Community

- 2+ Weekly LIVE Q&As

- Daily support & guidance

- Program dates: 10/7 - 10/21

Price: $187

Sleep Tight Without a Fight


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