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helping families conquer sleep issues

bedtime battles

frequent night waking

early rising

nap trouble

& more

as a nationally certified baby sleep consultant,

I can help your family get the sleep they need.

Jessica Berk
about jessica

 child sleep expert and busy mom who needs her 8 hours of sleep!



Awesome Little Sleepers

customized, biology-based sleep plan customized for your unique family



after a week of sticking to the plan that jessica suggested, not only did my son begin to sleep throughout the night once again, he would wake up in a happier mood.


jessica was a lifesaver!

we all need our sleep!

meaghan r.

hayward, ca




Request a FREE 15-minute consultation

a good night's sleep is closer than you think.

as a nationally certified baby sleep consultant, I can help your children and family get the sleep they deserve. when your infant or toddler isn't sleeping well, no one in the family is sleeping well.


I will work with you to gain a deep understanding of your child's sleep patterns and then develop a clear, customized plan to give your child the sleep they need. as your partner, I am here to provide guidance and support every step of the way.


seriously. we can do this!




fix common & complex
sleep problems


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