You seriously changed our lives!

I'm sipping wine while my girls are sound asleep. Two weeks ago I would have laughed if someone said this was possible!

-Christen C. , Tampa, FL

Hey there, I'm Jessica!

Life is crazy for all of us. Come at it well-rested.

Does this sound familiar? 

  • Dreading bedtime with your toddler

  • Frustrated dealing with a strong-willed preschooler

  • Feeling guilty when you lose your patience and turn into Mean Mommy at night

  • Tired of Googling for sleep advice that never seems to work 

  • Ever thought "I know I'm being manipulated but I just don't know what to do!"


Is your kiddo a professional staller?  Endlessly complaining of thirst, starvation, begging for "one more" hug, "one more" book, another potty break or just refusing to stay put in their bed? 

Do they fight you at bedtime and wear your patience down to the bone?

Do you ever feel like a prisoner in their room?

Do they sneak into your bed in the middle of the night?

Yep. Sounds lI've lived that same struggle *twice* and I've come out the other side.  Now I have a proven technique that has helped countless moms just like you!

If you want:

- To regain control over bedtime

- To make evenings predictable and enjoyable

- A well-rested, happier kiddo during the day

- A kiddo who can fall asleep solo

- More free time in the evenings (we're going to NEED this!)

- A positive parenting solution with no yelling

- To see your kiddo beaming with pride

- To learn how to tap into your Mommy Super Powers

- To stop yelling & end bedtime battles for good

Let's schedule a free Sleep Strategy call!

Let me hear what challenges you're facing and see if I can help!

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