The Sleep Consultant for Toddlers & Preschoolers

The Sleep Consultant for

Toddlers & Preschoolers

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Toddler Sleep Consultant Testimonial

You seriously changed our lives!

I'm sipping wine while my girls are sound asleep. Two weeks ago I would have laughed if someone said this was possible!

-Christen C. , Tampa, FL

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The Toddler

Power Struggle

is Real!

Power struggles with toddlers go on

But nighttime is the WORST!

  • Bedtime takes hours of struggling to get your kid to stay in their room and go to sleep.

  • You feel like a prisoner in their room when all you want to do is have a moment of time to yourself!

  • Middle of the night wake ups feel like sleep torture.

  • And a tiny human starts invading your bed and karate chopping you in the middle of the night!

My goal is simple.

Put YOU back in charge of sleep.

Imagine if you were DONE with your kiddo by 7:00 or 7:30 at night.

I mean DONE.

Like out of their room and not hearing from them until the morning.

Sound like a dream?

I'm a busy mom who needs her 8 hours of sleep! As the mom to two amazing little girls, I  realized just how important sleep was to me when I wasn't getting any! When you're struggling with your 3 year old's sleep or your 4 year old has sleep problems, no one in the house sleeps well.

That's why I got certified as a child sleep consultant and developed the R.E.S.T Method which has helped thousands of moms solve their toddler sleep problems.


Hey there, I'm Jessica!

She is truly a life-saver!

Jessica helped me with our *ahem* strong-willed little negotiator and our bedtime struggles.

-Sarah T. , Atlanta, GA

After one week with Jessica, we've seen AMAZING results!

He has slept through the night EVERY single night...going right to sleep without waking up at all throughout the night... We wanted to thank you again for giving us the tools/techniques/confidence we needed to help Emerson become the good sleeper we've always known he was!

-Heather B. , Pittsburgh, PA

We felt doomed for life

My daughter has been waking up at 5 AM for the past 11 months and we felt doomed for life until Jessica set up a plan for our family. In a matter of 2 days my daughter had improved significantly. We thought we were past the point of no return with the early wake ups but if you’re like me it’s never too late and now we wish we had done something a long time ago!

-Mandy V. , Tampa, FL