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Since 2021, thousands of people have transformed their family's sleep using

'Sleep Tight Without a Fight', the only toddler sleep course using the proven REST Method™

Here are some of their stories...


Chelsea T.

“We transitioned my daughter to her big girl bed, and although she'd always been a great sleeper, she really struggled to stay in her bed. We tried everything! We tried sleeping with her until she fell asleep, but then she'd just sleep with one eye open! We tried sitting beside her bed until she finally went to sleep, but again, one eye open! It was like all the sudden she couldn't soothe herself, which had never been our sleep experience. I took this course, and implemented it the very next night. Now, she's back to soothing herself and sleeping in her bed, and she's very proud of herself. Every morning she wakes up and says "I slept in my big girl bed all night!".”








Marlee B.

“Holy smokes this WORKS!!!!! Our toddler started cosleeping with us a few months after our second child was born. We were both too tired to fix it at the time. Six months went by and we decided something HAD to change. Evenings were miserable. My husband and I were two ships passing in the night with zero downtime or time to connect. It was really tough that there was no ending to the day. Now we have the entire evening to enjoy! More importantly, our toddler is in a much better mood overall and is so proud of herself! She wakes up in the best mood and seems so well rested. We love our bedtime routine! I’m so happy we have done this for HER and us! It has done wonders for everyone involved. Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!”

Giselle O.

“I am happy to share my testimonial : Our two year old son Nando had been sleep trained since he was 5 months old. For his Second birthday we took a vacation to Orlando to Disney World. He refused to sleep in the crib in our room, so we gave in and let him sleep with us in our bed (which we had never done before). I honestly thought that doing this for 3 nights would not make a difference in his sleep routine… I was so wrong ! As soon as we got home from our trip it was like he was a different child! Nando would not fall asleep unless we stayed in his room with him, and he was waking up every hour during the night. After 5 nights straight of us being sleep deprived and being held prisoner in his room, we knew we needed help. I cannot stress enough how effective this course was ! We learned so much about “magic bedtime”, and we used the sleepy mommy return method with negative consequence, and immediate reward the next morning. By the third night our son never left his room and has been sleeping all night long. He is getting the sleep he needs, and my husband I are getting the quality time together that we need. We are planning on using the same guidance you have given for travelling for our summer vacation next month. Profoundly Grateful !!!”




Angela B.

“My 2.5 year old slept independently from 8 months to 27 months. Then he started to only want to sleep with mom & dad. He tossed and turned what felt like all night and none of us were getting the rest we needed. At 32 months I decided a change needed to be made. The first 3 nights of implementing Sleep Tight Without a Fight were the hardest. By night 5 he seemed to grasp that falling asleep on his own and staying in his room, on his own, all night, was the new normal. We are still working on getting him to sleep a little later, but a world of difference has been made so far!!!”




Kim K.

" One word: life changing

I was so skeptical. I wanted it to work, but wasn’t confident. However, I was so tired that I had no choice but to try it! And it worked! I am amazed and pleasantly surprised to now be sleeping uninterrupted.”







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