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Nationally Certified Toddler Sleep Consultant


Certified toddler sleep consultant, Jessica Berk, helps families all over the world solve their sleep challenges using her proven course, The REST Method™.

If you’re a toddler parent, you know that sleep challenges with big kids are very different then when they were a baby. That’s why Jessica is passionate about empowering parents with the tools they need to get their big kids sleeping well.

In fact, there are no other sleep coaches specializing in this toddler/preschool age range. Hard to believe, right?


toddler sleep trainer

Jessica’s best-selling digital course The REST Method has helped thousands of families learn how to get their kids to bed peacefully on time and sleeping 10-12 hours each night with no wake ups.

Including how to:

- transition kids from crib to bed

- how to make a quick, easy, fun, 15-minute bedtime routine

- how to stop co-sleeping at bedtime and overnight 

- how to stop toddlers from waking up in the middle of the night

- how to get toddlers to sleep later in the morning 

To learn more about what makes the REST Method™ so successful, click here.

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Jessica & Her Family
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Why I became a sleep consultant


I first realized just how important sleep was when I wasn’t getting any of it after the birth of my first daughter. After reading countless books, and taking all kinds of advice, I reached out to a sleep consultant who changed my life. I'm not exaggerating. After months of sleeping only 2-3 hours at a time, sleeping for 8 hours in a row was life-changing!

Fast-forward a few years and I got first-hand experience with how difficult it can be when a BIG KID start rebelling against sleep. When my 3-year-old daughter moved out of a crib to a big girl bed, bedtime became a never-ending battle of “One more book! One more hug! I need water!” Then she started waking up overnight and trying to climb into my bed - something I swore I would never allow. Everyone was sleep deprived - it was awful.

To be honest, initially I was most concerned about my own lack of sleep (and sanity!). I just assumed that this was a phase that would clear up after a few days. But after implementing some healthy boundaries for sleep and getting my daughter sleeping well again, I saw such an unexpected change in her mood and demeanor. She was much happier and easy going when she had good sleep - and so was I!


When the toddler isn’t sleeping, no one is sleeping! That’s when I realized… while there are many infant sleep coaches, there wasn’t anyone specializing in older kids. And these older kids are an entirely different challenge!

After getting certified as a sleep coach and working 1-on-1 with families for 7 years, I developed the REST Method™ for awesome sleep. Using techniques that align with any parenting style, I help families get their toddlers to bed quickly and easily before 8 p.m. and sleep completely through the night - no wake ups.

toddler sleep help
the original Awesome Little Sleepers

What I realized was... I had actually been doing a disservice to my daughter by not helping her get good sleep.

It hadn’t occurred to me that helping her develop healthy sleep habits was part of my job.

But it was my job. Still is. Sleep doesn’t just happen.


So, who am I? Basically, I'm a busy mom who really needs her 8 hours of sleep :) After 15 years in marketing, I decided to follow my passion and help moms like you get their families better sleep.


After serving thousands of families and moving around from Atlanta to the San Francisco Bay Area to Minneapolis and Tampa over the last few years, my family and I now call Connecticut home. In addition to being a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Georgia.

My Philosophy


I know how you feel when your child isn't sleeping well - frustrated, exhausted, confused. At bedtime, you might spend what seems like forever doing everything possible to get your kiddo to sleep and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Or maybe your child usually goes down easily but your routine just stopped working... Or maybe your toddler just started waking up again during the night... Or waking up too early... Or just stopped taking naps... Or just will NOT stay put in their room...


One thing is certain...

When it comes to sleep habits of kids under the age of 10, the only thing constant is change.

My goal is to help you get your big kid to bed easily before 8pm and sleeping through the night - no wake ups. They can do it! And so can you. You and your sleeping child will quickly become the envy of all your friends!

Get started by saving a spot for my next free Toddler Sleep Masterclass.

Jessica Berk, Toddler Sleep Consultant

Ready to learn how I can help you fix your toddler's sleep once and for all?

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