3 year old sleep

Tired of turning into

Mean Mommy at bedtime?

When your toddler won't go to sleep, everyone suffers. 

When you've tried everything to get your 3, 4 or 5 year old to stay in bed and they just WON'T, it's frustrating and overwhelming.

And it's totally natural to lose your temper when you feel out of options.

But being Mean Mommy doesn't feel good.

Especially when it's happening frequently.

I have helped countless moms just like you over the last 6 years  design sleep plans to fix your toddler's sleep.

My approach focuses on positive parenting and it's built on the philosophy that YOU, the parent, should be in charge.

You should have sleep rules in your house and be able to enforce them in a way that feels good.

Ready to fix sleep for good?




"Sleep Tight Without a Fight"

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By day 3 she has stopped exiting her room and has slept 730pm-715am!!

I'm in shock how much she wants to participate in bed time now! If you're struggling and considering the course, DO IT!”

-Maddy H. , Houston, TX

We have our sweet, energetic toddler back - thank you!

We were having a really hard time getting our 2.5 year to sleep without raising hell for weeks (satanic screaming for hours!!!) - within a matter of days, we had the challenge solved. I can't recommend her enough, her tips were invaluable and spot on.

-Natascha S. , New York, NY

I was reaching the end of my rope.

We had been completely sleep deprived to the point of being anxious & depressed about bedtime. Liam is now falling asleep within 10 minutes of being put down! He is much more active and aware during the day. Our lives have greatly improved from your program.

-Erica B. , Venice, FL

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