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Welcome, Kaiser Permanente Patients

Sleep Help for Your 3 to 6 Year Old

Use these links to access free resources to help get your child sleeping well.

Online Sleep Course for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Whether You’re:

  • Struggling with an out-of-control bedtime and a toddler who won’t stop stalling and takes hours to get to bed...

  • Trapped in your kid’s room just waiting for them to fall asleep...

  • Being visited by a tiny person crawling into your bed every night or just waking you a million times...

  • Tired of trying a million things to fix sleep problems only to feel defeated and hopeless...

  • Convinced that you have the world’s most stubborn kid...

... Sleep Tight Without a Fight is made for you!

Kaiser Permanente patients get 70% OFF enrollment!

Use coupon code 'KAISER' to enroll for just $149! (regularly $497)

Ready for more than just free tips?

Do you want an action plan you can start ASAP?

'Sleep Tight Without a Fight' shows you how to get your child to fall asleep happily and stay sleeping 10-12 hours through the night - Guaranteed!

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