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  • Jessica Berk

Why Sleep Consultants are Better than Google, your Best Friend and your Mom. Combined.

Listen, Moms, we’ve all been there.

Your kid is driving you crazy at night. No matter how old they are, they’ll invent new ways to push you to your breaking point.

Babies refuse to fall asleep without being held and then wake you up every 2 hours.

Toddlers refuse to lie down and start climbing out of their cribs.

Preschoolers refuse to stay in their big kid beds and take stalling to a whole new level.

So what do you do? You Google… and Google… and Google. To the ends of the Internet looking for some answers. Some new strategy. Some advice you haven’t read before.

You complain to your friends, they must be able to help, right? You call your Mom. What does she think? What did she do when you were little?

All these attempts to find answers just might turn up a few good ideas. Could these be the ideas you’ve been missing? With a hopeful (and slightly desperate) attitude, you embark on a new plan to solve your family’s sleep struggles and regain control of your house.

If you’re lucky, it might work – congratulations!

But if you’re like most families, things might work for a few days and then slowly stop working. Or worse yet, new problems emerge.

This cycle is frustrating and exhausting. And, the truth is, it’s affecting your child the most because they need good sleep even more than you! (Yes, even when you’re so tired that you drive to Target and notice that you’re still wearing your slippers- the sleep deprivation is still worse for your child. I looked this up!)

When you’ve hit your limit and you want to scream into the universe


Sleep consultants are the answer the universe gives you.

Nothing against best friends – they’re wonderful! They’re great listeners and can usually empathize with your sleep woes. They may even be able to tell you exactly what worked for their family (if anything has). But who’s to say that’s going to work for your family?

And Google is a life changer. Can’t argue with that. But there’s an endless amount of sleep advice out there. How are you supposed to know what to read? What if you have questions? What happens if you do something wrong, will it make things worse?

And Mom always has the best intentions. But, let’s be honest, the last time she had a kid was probably 20 or 30 years ago. She doesn’t remember this stuff.

And none of these are truly going to be with you every step of the way. I mean, really in the trenches with you. None of these are going to check in with you every. single. day to make tweaks and changes in real time. None of these are going to ensure that you’re successful.

So, what makes certified sleep consultants so great?

We’ve studied the science, we’ve read all the books.

We’ve worked with countless families.

We’ve invested time and money to become pediatric sleep experts.

Helping tired families is our passion!

We provide solutions that are just right for your unique family – Google can’t do that.

And we support you like a Mom, but we’re actually sleep experts!

And we are great listeners like a friend but we stick with you every single day. We hold you accountable. We’re honest and open and supportive and can even give you tough love when necessary.

So, if you’re ready to scream, listen up.

The universe is trying to tell you something.



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