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1:1 Sleep Coaching

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We can’t wait to help you fix your child’s sleep issues and get your whole family sleeping again! 😴

Awesome Little Sleepers 1:1 Sleep Coaching:


Step #1: Watch all the modules of the 'Sleep Tight Without a Fight' course.​
1-on-1 sleep coaching includes access to our popular online sleep course + all the bonuses.
>>When you enroll in 1-on-1 today, you get instant access to the course!<<


Step #2: Schedule a Kick Off call with your Awesome Little Sleepers certified sleep coach
​Your coach will help you develop a rock solid plan & answer any questions. You will feel confident and well-prepared.
>>You will receive a link to schedule the call after enrollment<<


Step #3: Daily Sleep Log Review & Support for 3 Weeks
​Your sleep coach will provide daily feedback / encouragement / suggestions to ensure your success.


Step #4:. Enjoy Your Awesome Sleep! 🥳
​Within 3 weeks, you will be sleeping! Guaranteed!

Regularly $797, ONLY $697


Discovery Call Scheduler


Not quite sure if 1:1 is the right choice for your family? Schedule a free discovery call

I don't want to jinx it!

I get nervous to say this because I don't want to jinx it but Kai has slept through the night the last 5 nights! With quarantine we needed to do this since we were both exhausted and home trying to work and take care of him! We appreciate all your help.

-Nicole J. , Tampa, FL

We probably would have imploded...

The last few weeks have been life-changing, both for us and the baby. Looking back, I think we probably would have imploded if we kept going to way we were before. We see a significant change in her demeanor now that she gets more sleep. We've also had a LOT more time to relax, spend together and SLEEP!

-Cary G. , Riverview, FL

Well, DAMN!

I put her down tonight at 6:50 and she... WENT TO SLEEP. Not a PEEP!!!

-Zamile V.. , Boston, MA

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