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  • Jessica Berk

3 Keys to Change Your Toddler's Bad Sleep Habits

I used to bite my fingernails. Gross, right?


I can’t hardly think about it without scrunching my face up in a totally grossed-out expression.

But, it was just what I did.

Not sure when I realized that it was a bad habit that I leaned into when I felt stressed, but I finally came to the conclusion that I had to stop.

I was a grown-ass woman and biting my nails was just not okay.

I realized that if I had a manicure, I wouldn’t be tempted to bite them.

I paid good $$ for a manicure and I wasn’t willing to ruin it by biting my nails.

So, I decided that was my way out of my bad habit.

That was my strategy.

For 2 months, I kept up with my manicure.

Every couple weeks I would get a new manicure and it really did prevent me from biting my nails.

And it was kind of a genius plan to be honest.

It felt like a treat to get the manicure but I knew it also served a greater purpose.

Seeing it work, made me stick with it.

And after a few weeks of not biting, it became less and less of a strong urge.

Your toddler’s sleep habits are just that - HABITS.

If you’re overwhelmed by toddler sleep problems, even just thinking of them as habits instead of problems makes them more approachable. Like something that can be changed.

And if your toddler has some bad sleep habits, they CAN be changed.

And the very special thing about your toddler’s sleep habits is that YOU can change them.

Yes, you actually have the power to do it.

You can get your 3 or 4 year old to sleep before 8pm and stay happily sleeping until the morning.

There are the 3 Keys to Changing Your Toddler’s Bad Sleep Habits:

1. Intention

Be honest with yourself. Are you ready to change things up? Are you committed to fixing sleep?

2. New Sleep Plan

The only way to change sleep habits is to make a change! It’s time for a new plan. A plan that you feel confident about and that you think will work for her. You need to know the WHYs, HOWs and WHAT IFs about your new plan so you can build that confidence.

3. Consistency

Once you start the new plan, you have to stick with it. See it through. Start seeing progress and success. And celebrate your victories.

Once you have these 3 things, you can’t go wrong!

It’s only a matter of time before you are able to change the bad sleep habits.

For good.

And if you have the right plan, it should only take a couple weeks!

Learn more, save a spot in my next FREE Toddler Sleep Masterclass.

Sleep Tight!



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