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  • Jessica Berk

How to be a good mom.

I’m so tired of all the pressure we get as moms.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but …

Just because you’re a mom, that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to have all the answers to life’s parenting challenges.

Just because the baby came out of us, does not mean that we automatically know what to do all the time. Am I right?

Parenting pressure comes at us from every direction.

And I’m sick of it!

It comes from others for sure... husbands, I’m looking at you. 👀

But moms, friends, in laws - they can be guilty, too. If your kiddo is acting up, not listening, being a picky eater, not sharing or refusing to go to bed, they look at you for answers.

But most of the pressure comes from inside ourselves. This idea that because we created these tiny people, that we should automatically be able to control them. Feeling like everyone is looking at you to see if your child is well-behaved, well-dressed, smart and kind.

Well, we really need to give each other a freaking break. It’s a bunch of BS!

Getting good at anything takes some work. And parenting is no different.

Think of anyone you know who is really good at something. Were they just born that way? (Okay, maybe some artists and creative geniuses just show up in the world and wow everyone.) But, for most people, getting really good at something and feeling confident takes some training. And time. And intention.

You think Julia Child knew how to bake bread without ever looking at a recipe? Uh. Doubt it.

You think Simone Biles just walked into the Olympics out of nowhere and kicked ass? Not likely.

You think your friend who lost 30 pounds just decided to eat healthier one day and that was it? Probably not.

All of these people wanted to do something. Wanted to change something. They had a goal.

And they asked for help.

Even the best chefs look at recipes.

Even the best athletes have coaches.

Even healthy people have trainers.

Why do we think that parenting has to be any different?

Why do we think that one of the most important jobs that we have should just be intrinsic?

Why should parenting be on auto-pilot when we feel like we’re running off the road?

Especially when we’re so open to asking for help in other parts of our lives.

“Good” moms aren’t born with all the answers.

Good moms know when to ask for help.



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