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  • Jessica Berk

My Favorite Toddler Products for Awesome Sleep

Every week I get tonnnnns of questions from parents about which toddler clock is best or which child proofing products I recommend. So, I wanted to put together all of my favorite sanity-saving, sleep-promoting toddler products in one place.

Let’s face it, mama, your life is already hectic enough without having to sift through every toddler potty on Amazon to find the perfect one. Keep on scrolling to see all of my favorites including my popular list of bedtime books to tackle fears. Links are clickable for easy shopping!

toddler sleep coach best toddler clocks

My Favorite Toddler Clocks

toddler sleep coach best sound machines

My Favorite Sound Machines

My Favorite Timers

My Favorite Child Proofing Tools

My Favorite Toddler Potties

My Favorite Bed Tents

My Favorite Toddler Travel Beds

My Favorite Bedtime Books About Sleep

My Favorite Silly Books to Lighten the Mood at Bedtime

My Favorite Bedtime Books for Fear of Monsters

My Favorite Bedtime Books for Fear of Being Alone

My Favorite Bedtime Books for Fear of the Dark

Do you have any favorite toddler products you don’t see listed? Send me a DM on Instagram and and tell me what you love! @awesomelittlesleepers

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means that Awesome Little Sleepers might receive a small commission when you purchase these items, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.



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