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  • Jessica Berk

Understand your kid's currency

Do you know your kid’s currency? No, I'm not talking about $$

Do you know what makes you kid tick? I mean what really motivates them?

What they want more than anything else?

Oh, it’s SO key that you can put your finger on this!

I call this their currency.

Is it attention from you? Candy? Money? Screen time? Hugs? Playing outside? Cooking project? Movie night?

It could be anything – every kid is different.

Getting crystal clear on their currency puts you in a position of authority. It gives you… ultimate control. Cue evil Austin Powers laugh 🙃

Armed with this knowledge, you can kick most any behaviors that you don’t like to the curb.


Use their currency to build the most motivating positive (and negative) consequences!

- Set clear expectations with your kids

- Outline the rewards (or consequence)

- Follow through

- Drop mic and celebrate your badass mom self

For my oldest, it’s screen time. The girl is full-on addicted to TV.

Last week, after a rough (understatement) day, I had no choice but to say the words I only reserve for the worst offenses.

--Because it feels like a punishment for me too! Especially during a national quarantine!--

I told her “No TV for the entire day tomorrow”

There were tears. Oh boy were there tears… and apologies… and begging.

But the damage was done.

And I followed through with it for the entire next day. [Which, yes, felt like an eternity if you were wondering.]

But you know what miracle occurred that day.

She behaved.

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