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  • Jessica Berk

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need, Anyway?

Let’s be honest, no kid is ever going to say “I’m tired, can I go to bed early tonight?”

But, the end of summer, when kids are heading back to school, is a great time to take out the Parent Handbook and remind ourselves just how much sleep our kids should be getting? Oh, you don’t have your handbook handy? Let me help. This chart shows the recommended hours of sleep that kids at different ages should be getting within a 24 hour period. Do some math. Count naps & night sleep and you might be surprised how much (or little) your kids are sleeping.

Child sleep needs

The dangers of sleep deprivation are real and they’re scary – low energy, depression, hyperactivity, mood disorders, poor coping skills, irritability, lack of focus, stress, poor academic performance, the list goes on and on. So, if you’re the kind of parent who is concerned about your child’s health - makes sure that they eat balanced meals, brush their teeth, get enough exercise and are hitting developmental milestones - keep an eye on their sleep.

It’s your responsibility to give them a chance to get the rest that they need to thrive.

Infographic credit: National Sleep Foundation 2015

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