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  • Jessica Berk

My interview with Amy Porterfield

I'm taking a minute to celebrate! 🥂

If you're just looking for sleep advice, feel free to skip this post.

This is about the growth of Awesome Little Sleepers...

I had the honor of being interviewed by one of my mentors, Amy Porterfield, for her top-rated marketing podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. Her Digital Course Academy inspired me and provided the roadmap for the creation of MY digital toddler sleep course, Sleep Tight Without a Fight. STWAF has changed the lives of almost 2,500 families over the last 18 months and I got to tell Amy all about building my business from the ground up.

When you get the chance to meet someone who has helped to change your life and you get to say "thank you", it's pretty damn amazing! I'm just feeling so honored this week and so proud of my self-made business that has the same goal as Amy's - to improve people's lives ❤️😴❤️😴❤️😴

Taking a minute to celebrate is important.

Looking back and saying "damn, I can't believe I did that!" is important.

Showing yourself that you can blow your own mind is important.

Cheers to reaching for your dreams! 🥂

If you'd like to listen to the entire interview, you can click here to listen

To save your spot in the free Toddler Sleep Masterclass that I talk to Amy about, click here.



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