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  • Jessica Berk

Country music superstar, Kane Brown's, wife Katelyn talks about her success with my sleep course.

Kane Brown's wife, Katelyn, shared her experience with my toddler sleep course, Sleep Tight Without a Fight, in her IG stories.

Her daughter, Kingsley, - who had always been a great sleeper - got a big girl bed and all of a sudden started waking every few hours overnight and was a struggle to put down at bedtime.

Katelyn shares that the course "helped me tremendously. Literally that night when I put the skills to the test, it worked. And by the second night she slept!... This isn't an ad. Just a mom who was so desperate for sleep... My life has significantly changed. Now I can put the kids down and have a life before I go to bed and get a full night's sleep!"

She calls the course "A life saver"

Watch her story here...

To start learning about the toddler sleep course that changed Katelyn's life, reserve your spot in my next free Toddler Sleep Masterclass.



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