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  • Jessica Berk

Why can't my toddler fall asleep without me?!

Parents ask me all the time, “Why can’t my toddler fall asleep without me?!?”

I know it can sometimes feel like your toddler or preschooler is totally unable to fall asleep on their own. So you have to spend time sitting in their room just waiting for them to fall asleep so you can sneak out… That’s IF you don’t fall asleep in there too.

Well, today I’m going to show you why this is happening and what you need to understand before your child can be an independent sleeper.

Let me help make sleep simple.


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Why Your Toddler Can’t Fall Asleep Alone

There are a few reasons why it seems like your toddler can't fall asleep without you.

Some kids have a complete meltdown when you try to leave the room or have separation anxiety at bedtime. They may say they’re scared of something like the dark or monsters.

And some toddlers fight bedtime, literally won’t stay in bed, follow you out of the room or keep coming out asking for another book, another potty break, another hug, more water or a million other excuses.

To avoid an escalating tantrum-fest (and because you don’t know what else to do), you end up staying in their room at bedtime to keep them calm and settled so they can sleep.

What You Want…Sleep Independence

The truth is, after about 4 or 5 months old, healthy kids are totally capable of falling asleep all by themselves.

But if you’ve got a 3, 4 or 5 year old and you think I’m CRAZY, let me explain what’s going on that’s making your reality so different.

Let me share with you one of the CORE truths about sleep that we parents tend to forget.


The ability to fall asleep independently is inside all of us. Sleep is one of our most basic human needs.

So, why isn’t your kid able to do it?

Simply put, you've started some sleep habits that are interfering with this instinctive ability to fall asleep alone. And just like all habits, the longer they go on, the stronger they get.

I’m sure these habits started with the noble, compassionate goal of keeping your child calm so they can get the sleep that you know they need.

But regardless of how it started, if it has become a problem for you.

Now it’s time to fix it.

The ONLY way for kids to learn how to fall asleep alone is to experience it.

It’s instinctual. It’s in there. It just needs some practice.

You have to truly understand and KNOW this sleep truth in order to turn your kiddo into a solo sleeper.

You have to realize, and believe that they CAN do it. They just haven’t experienced it ENOUGH to become good at it yet.

And that’s the goal of “sleep training” - learning how to get your child that experience of solo sleep - in a way that works for you and them - so they can start to get that experience.

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