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  • Jessica Berk

Awesome Little Sleepers’ Favorite Toddler Sleep Products 2022

I’ve gathered my favorite toddler sleep products (2022) to show you today. The Awesome Little Sleepers’ list holds the best of the best when it comes to must-have sleep products for toddlers. Help your big kids get the best sleep possible!

No more endless scrolling and looking for reviews! Shopping will be easy peasy.


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Favorite toddler sleep products 2022: Sound machines

Let’s start with sound machines. I recommend having one of these for each of your kids.

White noise - or some variation - is what we’re looking for specifically. It should sound like a static radio station with a very uniform sound. You want to avoid sounds that have a pattern like waves flowing in and out that get quieter and then louder. There’s data to suggest that your brain doesn’t go into as deep of a sleep because it’s trying to follow the pattern.

Budget friendly options: MyBaby or Homemedics

You can spend a little or a lot on a sound machine depending on the bells and whistles it has. Two lower cost options are the newer model MyBaby or Homemedics. They’re both under $30 and are both really portable and can run either on batteries or plugged in.

They also both have timers, but if you’re enrolled in my Toddler Sleep Course, you know my stance on that!

Higher end sound machine: Hatch

At the higher end is the Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine. This one combines a sound machine AND a color-changing toddler clock/nightlight in one, so it straddles 2 categories. You’re getting two must-have products in one which validates the higher price around $70.

Hatch has the white noise that you’re looking for, plus the benefit of helping you use colored light to teach your child when it’s okay to get up in the morning.

The feature that really makes the Hatch stand out is that it comes with a smartphone app, so you can control it from your phone – really comes in handy when you’re trying to get your child to learn to stay in bed past 6 a.m. It’s one of my favorite products to recommend for kids aged 2.5 to 8 years old.

Awesome Little Sleepers loves the Hatch Baby Rest!

Another toddler clock option is the LittleHippo Mella clock.

At around $50, it includes a white noise machine, nightlight, and color-changing toddler clock just like the Hatch.

The big difference here is that the LittleHippo cannot be controlled by an app. Since that’s the case, you have to program the wake time on the unit itself and it can’t be changed remotely. But what LittleHippo Mella does have is a friendly little face that gives visual cues to your child about when to sleep and when to wake.

Don’t forget your toddler timer

The other product that I love to use at bedtime - well, all day actually - with toddlers is a timer.

I love the TimeTimer. You’ll notice that it’s not a real clock, but here’s how it works. Let's say you’ve planned to read books for five minutes during your bedtime routine. You twist the TimeTimer knob to set it, and as your time decreases the red bar narrows so your child can visually see how much time is left.

This is great beyond bedtime for setting limits for quiet time, too.

SandTimers are also great. These come in a six-pack with various time durations from 1 to 30 minutes. They can help keep the kids moving when you’re trying to get out the door in the morning, brushing teeth and also when trying to move through the bedtime routine.

Plus, when you let the kids set the timer, it gives them a sense of control. And we all know how much our kids want to be in control!

I hope these recommendations have been helpful and you’ve added some great tools to your Amazon cart.

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